The University Union expansion will add approximately 42,700 square feet to the existing building, which includes 21,100 square feet that will be demolished and replaced and 8,700 square feet of existing space that will be renovated in place. The University Union will be approximately 225,000 square feet upon completion. The project will add:

  • Retail from Peak Adventures with outdoor, tiered seating near entrance
  • Starbucks with some (limited) outdoor seating
  • Larger, remodeled space for ASI Government, ASI Business, ASI Student Engagement & Outreach (including Food Pantry)
  • More student lounge space on the 1st and 2nd floors
  • Two new "super suites", each roughly the size of the Redwood Room when fully open, but also sub-dividable into three individual rooms
  • Three meeting rooms of various sizes, including a "board room" for more formal meetings
  • Dean of Students office on the 2nd floor
  • Women's Resource Center will move into their own space on 2nd floor
  • Foot-washing station for ritual washing before prayers on the 2nd floor
  • Three additional sets of restrooms (one set per floor), each with men's women's, and all gender restrooms
  • Additional elevator, making four total for the building

Our collaborative design-build partner is McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. with Dreyfuss & Blackford Architects.