Why is there a need for an expansion?

Imagine the Sacramento State campus without The University Union or The WELL. Picture a campus without a space designed for student organizations and special events, a campus without workout facilities, intramurals, and a state-of-the-art Student Health Center. These facilities provide an array of services that not only enhance campus life but also help to make Sacramento State a first-rate university. With Sac State’s growing student body and The University Union and The WELL’s increasing popularity among students, there is a great need for an expansion of the Union WELL Inc. facilities, so that we can better support students.

Why are we expanding?

For the past several years, Sacramento State students have been asking for more space in the Union and the Well. It has become the norm to see students sitting on the floor in hallways due to the lack of seating space in the buildings. Student Clubs and Organizations are often turned away from meeting spaces in the Union during prime hours. At the WELL, lines are now forming for fitness equipment due to the lack of space. The expansion will create the solutions to these concerns.

How will this project be funded?

Student fees, reserves from both Union WELL Inc. and Student Health and Counseling Services, and generated revenue make up the funding sources for this project. NO STATE dollars are, or can be, a part of the overall funding package for this project.

What was the fee approval process?

The need for the expansion of the Union and the WELL was studied during alternative consultation in fall of 2013, but at that time included an Event Center. The President’s Office, on November 21, 2013 asked Union WELL Inc. and the Student Fee Advisory Committee to study a reduced scope that eliminated the Student Event Center from the project. The President met with the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) on February 13, 2015 and the Union WELL Inc. Board of Directors on February 18, 2015 and discussed the possibility of utilizing the prior alternative consultation results, and determined that “approval of an increase in the current fee is appropriate at this time.” On April 23rd The President notified Gina Curry, Interim Associate Vice President for Financial Services and Leslie Davis, Executive Director of Union WELL Inc., of the approval of the fee increase that was needed for this expansion.


There was a $99 per semester, per student, fee increase which took effect in the Fall of 2015. The increase was the outcome of an extensive alternative consultation process which took place in 2013-14 resulting in the subsequent recommendation of then University President, Alexander Gonzalez. Additionally, this recommendation included a $30 increase beginning in the semester that construction begins on phase II of the Union WELL Expansion project (estimated to be academic year 17-18).
For more info, see the Presidential Memorandum and Alternative Consultation

What does indexing to the Bay Area CPI mean and why is it necessary?

The Union WELL Inc. fee is adjusted annually to account for the inflationary increase in the cost of providing the outlined services and programs. This will enable the campus to sustain the quality of service delivery into future years. The Bay Area Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure of inflation that is designed for the region.

Will this fee impact my financial aid?

Since this fee is charged to all students, it will be included as “fees” in the calculation of the cost of your attendance at Sac State. Any financial aid you receive can be applied to your student account to cover this fee along with your other required campus fees.

How can I be sure the increase in the Union Fee will be used for the outlined programs and services?

There is a student majority committee (Student Fee Advisory Committee) that governs the use of all existing student fees, and will continue to do so with this increase.

What will go into the buildings?

See University Union project vision.

  • Locker-rooms

  • Fitness/free weights and cardio space

  • Gym courts

  • Indoor ropes course, eliminated by the budget.

  • Office space

  • Additional climbing wall space

  • Additional fitness studios

Student Health and Counseling:

  • Peer Health Educator program space.

  • Exam Rooms,

  • Program space

  • Physical therapy Space

  • Individual and group counseling office space

When will this project start?

Anticipated date for ground breaking for the University Union is Spring 2017, and anticipated completion date will be Spring 2019.

What is the anticipated date of completion?

Based on an aggressive timeline and a “best-case” scenario of breaking ground in the summer of 2017, phase 1 of the project could be completed in Spring 2019. Many factors that will influence this are still being determined.

Will any of the buildings be closed during construction?

There may be some occasional closures depending on construction needs (for example, when electrical services need to be moved or tied into new equipment). Some services will be relocated during the construction period. Every effort will be made to keep as much of each facility open and operating throughout the duration of the project. See Construction for updates on closures and moves.

Will students be involved? 

Yes. Students are, and will be, involved every step of the way from planning to construction.

Who can I contact for more information about the project?

Bill Olmsted, Interim Executive Director, Union WELL Inc. (916) 278-6744, bill.olmsted@unionwellinc.org
Dean Sorensen, Director, The University Union, (916) 278-6744, sorensen@csus.edu
Kate Smith, Director, The WELL, (916) 278-9355, kate.smith@csus.edu

What about the services the WELL and Union currently offer? Will these get expanded or left behind?

The intention is to expand services and continue to offer what is the most beneficial to students. Please visit the Construction page for details.

Who and what is Union WELL Inc.?

Union WELL Inc. is an auxiliary organization of Sacramento State. We are a 501c3 non-profit corporation that operates outside of the university, but for the benefit of the campus. We are responsible for all the programs and services (i.e. concerts, meetings, fitness, etc.) offered by the University Union and The WELL. We have a student majority Board of Directors that sets policy and direction for the corporation.

What are our student fees paying for exactly?

The facilities, programs and services offered by the University Union and The WELL.

How many student employees does Union WELL Inc. have?

There are approximately 275 student employees. The new expansion is projected to create over 25 additional student jobs.

Why can’t this money be applied toward academics and Science II?

The sources of funds are very different. Tuition and general fund dollars fund the academic side of the campus. Student fees, such as the Union fee, support student facilities, programs and services that cannot receive state funds. The sources of money do not mix. The campus, however, is trying to increase funding for the academic programs through grants and fundraising.

What does the campus master planning consist of?

Please check out the campus Master Planning Web Site. http://www.csus.edu/masterplan/

How does this increased fee compare to other schools?

Right now our fees are considered in the middle of Union fees in the CSU system. This increase will advance us into the top third of campus fees.

Does this fee increase take in consideration all the campus fees?

Yes, we have taken into consideration student tuition, and cost of living. Unfortunately, The Union WELL Inc., does not have control over student tuition, which is up to the Chancellor’s Office, Trustees and the State.


*Utilizing data currently available, we are using Sac State 15-16 fee levels but the sister campus data is for 2014-15.  To be updated in Mid-September 2015.