Imagine, if you will, the campus without the University Union or the WELL. Imagine the campus without space designed for student organizations and special events. Imagine the campus without workout facilities, intramurals and a new student health center. Few could disagree that these centers provide an array of services that enhance campus life and help make Sac State a first-rate university. But what you might not know is that a growing student body and the increasing popularity of the Union and the WELL have created a need for expansion of both facilities. Guests in the Union sitting on the floor in hallways and waiting in lines for lockers and fitness equipment in The WELL is not the service model we want to present. Our students and campus community deserve better. The Union expansion project began Spring 2017 and was mostly completed in Spring 2019 with some building upgrades continuing through Fall 2019. The WELL's expansion project planning is underway and construction will commence shortly after the Union’s completion.